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ENSCITE is a support organisation for companies in the transport equipment manufacturing supply chain. It is a joint venture between three partners: the University of Derby, Derby City Council and Aston University. Offering a range of expert and holistic support services to help SMEs win and grow business in the aerospace, automotive and rail sectors. […]

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How do you know if your company and it’s services stand out to potential customers? What makes you believe that your company offers quality and value from the products and services it produces and provides? Competitiveness is essential for a company’s growth and survival but that requires both a thorough understanding of your business and […]

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Case Studies

Micron Design

Leicester-based Micron Design offers a complete engineering service from design concept through to manufactured prototypes and full production.

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TBS Enterprise Mobility

TBS Enterprise Mobility are an award-winning organisation specialising in the production of seamless mobile workforce solutions.

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The Cyber Security Landscape in the Manufacturing Sector

Many companies in the manufacturing sector have transformed into digital enterprises, however, this industrial revolution also brings forward many cyber threats that could potentially become major barriers in business growth.

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GDPR’s Importance for Businesses

Breaking down the walls around and moving beyond the horizons is a venture that only becomes possible through innovation.

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