Elastacloud Ltd is a leading Data Science and Cloud consultancy. They are leaders in Advanced Analytics and are paving the way for cutting edge developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but are also unparalleled in the fields of Azure Architecture, Power BI, SQL, Machine Learning, R and Python.

Why engage with Enscite?

Elastacloud wanted to develop their marketing and business development strategies, and needed expert advice.

What was the impact of Enscite?

Elastacloud’s Business Development Manager Gary Hunter, describes the process:

“We spent time talking about our business, our unique proposition and looking at our potential customers in the D2N2 area and nationwide.”

“Through our work with the Enscite project at the University of Derby; a report was produced summarising our competitive advantage, aligning that to various vertical target markets along with an explanation as to why they should be the priorities. As part of this process we carried out a SWOT analysis of our business and identified a list of target companies.”

“A key recommendation from the work was that we joined some specific industry associations which would allow us to network with influencers in each of those vertical markets and to be involved in business transformation discussions.”

“We are a cutting edge, big data organisation which is a hot topic area at the moment. There is lots of interest in this area and joining the associations allowed us to understand the sector and the drivers within that sector. For example, we gained an understanding of the rail sector and that they were interested in how to improve the performance of trains. We can use data analytics to help them with this.”

“Trains can run for 25yrs and they don’t give much data so they may be refurbed every year unnecessarily. By analysing data we can optimise trains performance and minimise costs.”

“Joining the recommended associations and networking within them gave us a real business insight as to how to position ourselves.”

“The networking led directly to a £38k project and in addition we are in the process of having CEO board level discussions with a number of companies.”

What was the companies experience of Enscite?

“We would strongly recommend businesses seek the support of the Enscite project at the University of Derby.”

“The work has enabled us to write up strategic plans to target these vertical sectors. As a result we have targeted companies in an effective and productive manner. This has led directly to us winning business and we are now having board level conversations with a number of other businesses.”

“As a result of our work with the Enscite project at the University of Derby, we have got an engagement with the university for predictive analytics. This is ongoing work.”

“The process was quick and efficient. We did not have to spend long on it and the networking and the business it has generated has been a resounding success. We would recommend the Enscite project at the University of Derby to anyone that wishes to improve their marketing or generate new business.”