Tidyco Ltd supplies a variety of products to the rail industry and operate across a number of business areas including hydraulics, climate control and pneumatics. They are also an official Parker Hose Doctor – providing mobile hydraulic hose repair and replacement.

Tidyco have an online store offering over 300,000 products and can create bespoke tailored solutions for your business. The company started in 1972 as a tool hire company and in 1986 expanded into the hydraulics market to serve the growing local manufacturing sector. Since then they have grown and diversified as new market gaps are identified.

Why engage with Enscite?

Barry Aldridge – Head of Marketing for Tidyco and Member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum – is always looking for the next opportunity to grow and diversify.

“Growing the divisions we operate in is part of our long term strategy. Last year I was looking at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) as a potential customer but knew that it was a tough industry to get into and didn’t have the time to carry out the research needed.”

What was the impact of Enscite?

He explains how the company started to work with Enscite which helped them move forward with this business growth plan.

“At the launch of the region’s Digital Growth Strategy, I met Lisa Hoyland from the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). She told me what Enscite was about and how they could help with our business growth plans. I’d met Angela Tooley – Enscite Project Director – at Rail Networking and East Midlands Chamber events and so contacting Enscite had been in the back of my mind for a while but I’d just got very busy and hadn’t had chance. I was lucky in that I met Angela again at an Innovation Challenge event. I explained that I wanted to focus on a small number of industries and from that point on our marketing team expanded without any additional salaries.”

“We are now planning our next phase of work with Angela and the team to get greater understanding of the rail industry, our market share and our segmentation strategy going forward.”

“We have worked with the University and Enscite in so many different ways. As a result of the ‘How to Maximise your Brand’ workshop we commenced a project of cleaning our brand. We looked at our overall message, our critical success factors and the tone of our communications. This has fed into all of our communications from our printed materials to our digital presence.”

As well as growing their business in the UK, Tidyco have also been looking at international markets.

“After a programme of market research and working with a network of organisations, we have successfully created a Chinese landing page, set up the preferred payment channel in China, and indexed ourselves on Baidu. We’re in the early stages of our journey into international markets but we are already looking at the next stage of development.”

What was the companies experience of Enscite?

“I’d advise any business looking to grow to make the time to make the call. Sunil – who was our point of contact at Enscite – carried out, via the university teams, market research on the MOD and also on food and beverage production companies. They had the market expertise and insight to know that, whereas the process to become accredited to work within other areas of the wider transport sector was lengthy and required a vast number of measures to be put in place, the food and beverage sector was in comparison an easier market to target. I continue to pursue the MOD as a viable route to market.”

“Enscite added significant value to our business in identifying target segments and carrying out insightful research enabling us to grow our business. This effectively funded an expansion of our team. They are now both friends and colleagues.”