Who they are

Lindhurst provide innovative engineering solutions for road and rail in the UK transport network infrastructure. Lindhurst are currently engaged on the current phase of Enscite through the implementation of a Competitiveness Assessment.

How we helped

With a strategic objective to increase its exposure within the transport sectors, Lindhurst recognised that a move from a 2D to 3D-based design system was critical.

Enscite provided Lindhurst with a network of experts who delivered tailored training and advice on integrating the new 3D-based system.

What they say

Martin Rigley, Managing Director of Lindhurst Innovation Engineers explains: “Whilst we had some in-roads already in the transport engineering sector, Enscite assisted us in identifying areas for development.”

When I heard about the aims of Enscite I was immediately interested.
Martin Rigley
Lindhurst Innovation Engineers

“Lindhurst is an innovative, ambitious organisation that is keen to further develop its opportunities within the transport engineering sector supply chain; this makes us a perfect fit for Enscite and its ethos”


Lindhurst Innovation Engineers Case Study PDF Download

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