Who they are

TBS Enterprise Mobility are an award-winning organisation specialising in the production of seamless mobile workforce solutions.

With over twenty years’ of experience, their products are used in a diverse and extensive range of applications, industries and sectors, including asset management in the rail, transport, power and utility sectors.

How we helped

Enscite helped to determine whether the offering of TBS Enterprise Mobility could potentially be enhanced with the implementation of RFID, or Radio-Frequency Identification, to improve safety in rail maintenance.

As a direct result of our support in the undertaking of a study and resulting report, TBS Enterprise Mobility were able to introduce a new, enhanced product to market, which will shortly be piloted with a major utility organisation.

What they say

Company Director Jon Poynton explains: “We were keen to establish if our mobile technology could be effectively and beneficially enhanced with the incorporation of RFID, also known as Near Field Communication (NFC), with all our customers in mind, but especially those organisations operating in the rail and transport sectors.”

Enscite's support in undertaking the study has been excellent and helped us to bring a new, enhanced product to market, which is shortly to be piloted with a major organisation.
Jon Poynton
TBS Enterprise Mobility

“Our project was to look specifically at the management of assets and a remote workforce who provide a service. It was to assess the various tag types, the most appropriate use, and to assess whether the use of RFID tags would be a suitable, viable and practical capability that we could add to our solutions.

“The other driving factor was that most new smartphones and other devices now have NFC built in, driven by the tap-and-go payments we are seeing more and more on the high street in many of the big brand coffee shops, for example. As our solutions are delivered on low cost phones as well as industry-specific devices, we felt this could be a great enabler of technology and a reason to buy our software solutions.”


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