VR Safety

VR Safety create immersive, virtual reality and augmented reality solutions applied to deliver tangible business improvement solutions to a wide range of industry sectors.


Virtual or augmented reality can be utilised to speed up the learning experience of both on and off the job training and to analyse the robustness of a solution against a specific parameter set. Immersive technology training delivery, will ultimately boost operational improvements both downstream and upstream. The technology allows organisations to engage with their workforce to build a culture of safety using interactive simulators to access what would be hazardous environments in the real world.

The team have a wide range of industry skills with first-hand knowledge of complex environments and can offer valuable business improvement solutions across the aerospace, rail, construction manufacturing, and food sectors.

Steve Hogan, Managing Director of VR Safety talks about how the company started to work with Enscite.

“Being a high technology business we work with the transport manufacturing industry and position ourselves as a valuable partner in supporting the needs of OEMS and their wider supply chains. The application of our technology and expertise supports a key focus on improving safety standards within the industry. Apart from VR and AR we adopt an additional range digital disruptors such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in a variety of assisted applications to enhance and connect workforce communications.”

“With our business presence at the iHub it soon became clear that working with Enscite could provide mutual benefits and the team have been instrumental in supporting our business growth.
We have made valuable connections with the Rail Forum and through this network are exploring potential links within the industry that will allow us to apply our expertise further across the sector.”

Steve goes on to say how being able to access additional technical equipment through the onsite iLab facility has been useful.

“We have used the iLab facilities to showcase some of the range of technical equipment we utilise to support our clients in raising the standards of training delivered and engagement with the workforce.”

“I would recommend that other businesses explore working with Enscite. From the introduction to new networks and accessing technical facilities to the wider support covering online marketing and business improvement tools, working with Enscite has been fantastic in enabling us to meet our aspirations for business growth.”

Angela Tooley, Project Director for Enscite talks about how the relationship has developed.

“We see a range of benefits from working with companies like VR Safety aligned to our aim of supporting the development of the transport manufacturing supply chain. We have worked with Steve to make connections within the industry that are now developing to deliver tangible solutions. As the company are looking to develop building relationships internationally with suppliers in China we look forward to providing expertise to support their future growth.”

ENSCITE is a support organisation for companies in the transport equipment manufacturing supply chain. They offer a range of expert and holistic support services to help SME’s win and grow business in the aerospace, automotive and rail sectors.

If you would like to find out more about VR Safety please visit https://www.vrsafety.co.uk/

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